Haiyue Group successfully held the 2014 annual work summary and commendation meeting

Issuing time:2018-08-27 14:21

On the afternoon of January 31, 2014, Haiyue Group held a “2014 Annual Work Summary and Commendation Conference” in the group company. All the employees of the group attended the meeting. The conference reviewed and summarized the work of the group company in 2014, and clarified the development direction and ideas of 2015, and made important instructions for the future development of the company. The company's leaders are far-sighted and the words are profound, which indicates the direction of the development of Haiyue and the Haiyue people are more confident.

The 2014 annual recognition event was held. The conference first awarded the “Ten Years of Haiyue People” award to employees who have served for 10 years in 2014. Mr. He Yuchang, the chairman of the group, personally presented the winner with a pure gold medal. Subsequently, the conference commended the advanced collectives and individuals that emerged in 2014.

After the conference, all the staff participated in activities such as cultural performances, group dinners and sweepstakes. The crowded meeting place was filled with joyful laughter, and the stage of red fire and joy was full of joyful atmosphere, and the high voice conveyed the enthusiasm of everyone. The literary and artistic programs are tightly packed, and the heat waves are wave by wave. The lottery is very exciting. The lucky god's care makes the audience cheer and cheers, adding a lot of joy and good for the celebration.

The songs are flying, the dance is shining, the stars are shining, and there is no sleep tonight. It is believed that the group company will be able to start a new journey at a new starting point and achieve a new leap.

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